This line sports a stone and polymer core, giving you greater resistance to scratching and denting. A: Commercial LVT was designed to be low maintenance. Cali Bamboo delivers some really attractive flooring options at an affordable price. Here’s a great example: A well-known retail clothing company learned the hard way just how important high traffic flooring is for a commercial space. This is one of COREtec’s collections. Solved! Finley vinyl plank flooring by Mohawk combines durability with style and performance. Glue Down vs. Loose-Lay Vinyl. Don’t forget these heavily frequented areas within academia: When it comes to high traffic flooring, few products compare to the durability of LVT. In a multi-family apartment building, the entrances, exits, hallways and lobbies see a lot of activity, which means a high traffic flooring solution is necessary. On top of that, their flooring is planet-friendly and safe for your home. This gives the flooring supreme protection from scratches or dents, leaving you with a floor that should last for years. They provide 7 years for commercial, and 30 years for residential. There are many lengths and widths of planks at the ready, as well. The commercial warranties vary a bit, but come with either 10 or 15 years. These floors also need to withstand utility and shopping carts and the occasional spill. While this decision cut costs, it ultimately led to much more maintenance and upkeep than originally anticipated. That about wraps it up for today. Their 20-mil lines come with a lifetime warranty for residential use. The cost-effective nature of … By knowing what brands rate the highest, you can save a lot of time researching all the different types of flooring. Armstrong takes it a step further by infusing cultured diamonds into theirs. If you’re wanting to add some character to your home or business, look no further than to Mohawk. Floorté Plus’s core is made with plastic and stone (SPC). Armstrong also offers LifeProof, a Home Depot-exclusive. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms or basements, this glue-down wood-look vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof and once installed, creates a soft and warm feel underfoot. This polish is Step 3 of the 4-Step Pro Floor Maintenance System. About The Author In a career spanning over 10 years, Scott C. has experience writing for a variety of mediums. But it comes equipped with a 22-mil wear layer and is backed by a 15-year commercial warranty. The surface isn’t going to be as soft as their BPC line. So while you might save a little bit one the flooring, you’ll want to factor in additional padding to the total cost. When we think about interior design, we often think of the visuals — the color scheme, the décor, and the layout of the space. When you factor in your floors being tough as diamonds, this is a respectable combination that will serve you and your business well. Looks and craftsmanship are great and all, but a solid warranty ties it all together. It’s important to note that this flooring isn’t intended for commercial use. Or if you’re thinking about installing it in your business, it’s safe for your customers and employees, as well. By using high-grade polymer, you get flooring with peace of mind. Meet our new 5MM QuickTrack products, which are readily available, highly durable and the perfect acoustic solution for any space. With a staggering amount to choose from, Mohawk easily secures themselves as the top brand with the best selection. For even greater protection, you should seriously consider Shaw’s Floorté Plus Titanic HD. They offer two lines of flooring that both use sustainable materials in their manufacturing. Take the Plus line, for example. Best Laminate Flooring Brands (and Brands to Avoid), Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors: Ultimate Guide, Best Durability: Shaw Floorté Plus 20 Mils & 30 Mils, Best for Commercial Use: Armstrong Vivero Best, Best Cheap Brand: Home Decorators Collection, Worst Warranty: Mohawk Smart Select 6 Mils Flooring. For commercial use, the warranty tops out at 20 years. You can either float or glue the subfloor, giving you excellent stability. Thanks to tongue and groove construction of both lines, installation is straightforward and easy. Vinyl planks and luxury Vinyl planks provide a stylish, durable floor covering in affordable flooring solutions for all families and busy or high-traffic commercial spaces. The best laminate flooring for high traffic … A Classic Economical Value. When you factor in its thin wear layer, this isn’t what you want to see. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Budget-friendly, great for low traffic areas; Warmth and comfort, plus easy maintenance and classic designs 10-year limited residential warranty Browse Products. These are cheap luxury vinyl flooring lines. For example, a grocery store’s U- or C-shaped configuration means customers are shopping for essential products along the perimeter, resulting in heavy foot traffic. By using high-grade polymer, you get flooring with peace of mind. 11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Luxury Vinyl Flooring Contractor, Glue Down vs. Q: Should I use a finish or wax for my commercial LVT? This makes their flooring comfortable to walk on while reducing squeaks and other sounds. Since this isn’t rated for commercial use, you won’t find a commercial warranty. A damp cloth or a dust mop will do the trick for most messes. And for commercial use, you can look forward to 10 years of coverage. Sweeping, vacuuming or mopping periodically can do a lot to help protect a vinyl floor in a high-traffic area. Now that we’ve seen the best, it’s time to check out the brands you want to avoid. This will ensure that it will withstand heavy foot traffic, while giving you years of service. The first one, Cali Vinyl Plus, consists of a bamboo polymer core (BPC). A major advantage of luxury vinyl tile is that it is much softer and more flexible than traditional flooring materials. If you’re wanting natural wood or stone tiles, they have you covered there, too. The thickness of the wear layer (the invisible coating over the surface that protects it) can vary from floor to floor. Reach for a more elegant look with luxury vinyl plank flooring or luxury vinyl tile, also known as LVT flooring. But for residential, you get 25 years of coverage. What Makes Home Decorators Collection Stand Out? If you’re looking for in-depth reviews of the top brands, you have come to the right place. 75 ($3.88/sq ft) Advances in production methods allow for a countless number of style and design opportunities. Not including One or Galaxy, the Plus and Pro lines both come with lifetime warranties for residential use. Durable Vinyl Flooring Available When you add additional finishes or wax, you need to maintain it on a regular basis by stripping off the old wax and reapplying. On the high end, cost is about $2.70 per square foot. Called Diamond 10 Technology, your business will have unique flooring that is less likely to scratch, dent, scuff, or stain. But the quality is worth every penny. MAYKKE Rustic Oak 18 Sq Ft Luxury Vinyl Interlocking Plank Flooring 48x6 inch (Pack of 8) Easy Installation Hardwood, Wood Grain, JHA1020102 3.8 out of 5 stars 4 $69.75 $ 69 . It goes without saying, but you won’t find a commercial warranty on this flooring. Plus, cleanup and maintenance are easy. Its 20% solid formula allows for a durable, high-gloss shine even as it prevents scuff marks. When it comes to vinyl plank flooring, no one else comes close when you factor in quality and pricing. You will also find a layer of 20-mil wear on all of their lines. Forget it. Some tests have shown cultured diamonds to actually be harder than the real deal. This is because their flooring is crafted with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). We ranked each contender under the following categories to makes it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for: Here are all the winners of each category. VCT is available in many styles and patterns. Vivero Good really feels the heat under heavy traffic. It functions very much the same way that wood polymer core vinyl flooring does. So it's an appropriate flooring for high-traffic areas. This line boasts the thickest wear at 30 mils. Home Decorators Collection: 8.25 out of 10. By offering some of the very best in protection technology and excellent warranties, Shaw Floorté Plus takes the spot with ease. Unlike carpet, which in busy spaces can be matted, crushed and stained, vinyl can handle an onslaught of heavy traffic and use. The brand delivers two outstanding lines, Plus and Pro. Contact us and a flooring specialist will be in touch as soon as possible. Benefits of high traffic LVT include: They offer an amazing number of flooring options to choose from. While it’s easy to assume most areas within a public retail space sustain the same amount of high foot traffic, that is not always the case. We hope you found plenty of useful information in our guide. It can also be a versatile and cost effective choice for any household. This man-made synthetic is just as strong as real diamonds, giving your floors stability and resilience not found in other lines of flooring. Its more absorptive nature also helps reduce noise which makes it a great choice for laundry rooms and playrooms. Floorté LVP consists of a wood and plastic core (WPC). These range from 2 millimeters to 4.4 millimeters. Vinyl Plank Flooring has quickly become a preferred alternative for flooring in high traffic applications with its durable and waterproof features. Q: What should my gloss level be on commercial LVT? If you’re looking for damage-resistant flooring, this is the line for you. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for with vinyl flooring. A large part of that is taking care of their customers by offering what matters most. This guide will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your money and that your floors will give you many years of service. Not only that, Mohawk delivers better than anyone else when it comes to float or glue flooring. It’s still important to remember that spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible. The following are some of the more common areas in need of high traffic commercial flooring: Retail flooring requires not only a great design, but also flexible layout options that withstand heavy foot traffic and provide continual comfort so customers can shop with ease. The former is part of their luxury vinyl planks (LVP) line. But their Smart Select line just doesn’t cut the proverbial mustard when it comes to warranties. Vinyl flooring often has a lower price point than other commercial flooring options, and it does provide design flexibility. Aside from being an industry leader, their annual revenue alone speaks for itself. This sounds great on paper, but keep in mind each year will see NuCore paying less for repairs. A vinyl tile floor is often installed in commercial settings where high traffic is a constant, or where a clean or static-free environment is desired. Simply put, because they have well over 200 styles that range from wood to stone. One of Parterre’s most popular collections, 5mm Loose Lay, is receiving a refresh with the addition of QuickTrack, a product collection aimed at help you finish projects in record time. The good news is that there are many options for aesthetically pleasing, high traffic flooring that are well-suited to nearly all industries and applications, including retail, corporate, healthcare, education, hospitality and more. If you’re looking for tough and durable flooring, this is the way to go. Vinyl flooring is sold in tiles, sheets, or planks. What’s great about this is that they use cork. Our vast collection of LVT products is featured in hundreds of retail and hospitality establishments, healthcare facilities, corporate offices and educational institutions throughout the country. They have plenty of solid lines that rate really highly. Plus HD. That’s pretty impressive. Choose from a variety of color and style options, and install in areas, like your kitchen or bathroom, for a beautiful finish. Mohawk is one of our favorite brands. Vinyl is also waterproof and long lasting, making it easy to clean and perfect for high-traffic areas. When you consider that you’re going to be spending anywhere between $2 and $2.39 a square foot for solid vinyl flooring, there’s no question why Home Decorators Collection is a winner. Peel and stick vinyl flooring, or self-adhesive floor tiles, are another easy DIY flooring type. If you’re in the market for luxury vinyl flooring, the Plus HD will blow you away with its beauty and durability. Also, their floating and glue-down lines have really thin planks. Oh, and you get a lifetime warranty on residential use, as well. This makes it a great high-traffic flooring option for a busy home as well. When you’re bringing in billions of dollars every year, you know you’re doing something right. If you’re keen on going green, Cali Bamboo is a great fit for you. You’re going to be paying upward of $3.65 a square foot, but think of the money you’ll be saving in the long run. This clever locking system makes installation a snap, literally and figuratively. With Vivero Best, you’re getting a solid 15-year warranty for commercial use. Shaw's wood, float---glueless, resilient vinyl flooring is the modern choice for beautiful & durable floors. Although it isn’t anywhere near the quantity of Mohawk or COREtec, NuCore still has a commendable assortment of 100 or so styles and colors to choose from. However, there are some significant downsides to using vinyl in high-traffic areas. In some high traffic areas, an additional finish can be applied but it’s not necessary. Plus, it doesn’t leave you with much confidence that the planks will stand up to much stress. You only get one chance to make a first impression. And thanks to 21 individual collections there for the taking, you’ll have plenty of options to work with. Installation is made easy thanks to the ability to float or glue their tiles and planks. The flooring selection didn’t account for areas where store greeters welcome customers to shop. The fact that your floors will be as tough as or tougher than diamonds adds value like no other. Armstrong uses some of the best materials to deliver flooring that’s tough and durable. The minimum recommended thickness in wear layers for commercial use is 20 mil. As a matter of fact, they offer some solid flooring at a pretty decent price. Of their three Smart Select lines, they all have a sad 15-year warranty for residential use, with no commercial coverage. No glue is needed, allowing you to simply snap each piece together for a quick and effortless install. Then there’s the warranty. Rather than flooring designed specifically for durability, they chose a 2mm residential flooring product with a 10mm wear layer for all of its stores. Their wear, for instance, is just 6-mil. Not only is the warranty disappointing, but many of Smart Select’s features are, as well. It’s nice to see a 20-year warranty for commercial use. Advances in print technology allow the ability to mirror natural elements, such as wood, stone, metal and ceramics. We’re talking around 200 unique colors and styles and your disposal. Selecting the ideal high traffic commercial flooring for your space requires both design inspiration and a bit of strategy. Shaw manufactures two vinyl plank flooring lines, Floorté LVP and Floorté Plus. Commercial warranties go all the way up to 10 years. It might be OK in a guest bathroom that’s rarely used, but for regular use? You don’t have to sacrifice beauty. This helps to reduce noises in the flooring after installation. It’s important to note that this is the only collection that isn’t equipped with its own padding. The pricing is pretty low, starting at $1.49 a square foot, so it’s not all bad. And with this, you get a lifetime residential warranty. Armstrong’s Vivero Good line is some of the worst flooring that they manufacture. High performance and soft, warm underfoot feel 25-year limited residential warranty Browse Products. The performance of the wear layer you select also impacts the floor’s performance. The warranty provided is decent, but it’s prorated. That’s too high for cheap vinyl plank flooring. Speaking of which, Shaw Floorté Plus delivers the goods with warranties you can be proud of. We will say that the pricing is OK, if not justified by the low quality. For as little as 95₵ a square foot, you can get quality vinyl with a respectable warranty. 5 Benefits of High Traffic Commercial Flooring. This is one of COREtec’s collections. Vinyl is durable enough for the those high-traffic areas of the home and resists scuffs and stains. If you’re looking for a specific color, chances are one of Mohawk’s lines has it. Shaw does a lot of things right. If we rated them right behind Shaw, you know they have to be pretty darn good. Remember to check warranties closely so you know exactly what you’re buying and what’s covered. Our quality crafted, premium LVT features an unmatched array of design possibilities. Modern vinyl flooring is also noise-resistant. Throw in commendable pricing and expert craftsmanship, and you’re looking at a winner through and through. There are a total of six lines to pick from, with wear ranging from 6 to 20 mils. While there are a lot of great vinyl options out there, there are also less expensive options that will not hold up to the demands of a high-traffic area. There is a good chance that you’ll hear squeaking because of this. And it’s always good to know which brands to avoid, as you’re less likely to get burned on a subpar product. Before you install sheet vinyl, the subfloor must be in good condition. Rush Hour: The Best Flooring for High-Traffic Areas By PD Intern August 1, 2018 No Comments You always want your floors to look their best for as long as possible—but the durability of your flooring depends on two, very important factors: the material and the amount of foot traffic. LVT is water resistant, allowing for use in high traffic areas such as entryways in commercial spaces. LVT is available in both the plank and tile variety, meaning there are many different size options to choose from. While all of Shaw’s lines come with warranties, those with thicker mils have longer warranties. If you want your home to have the classiest vinyl flooring around, check out NuCore. It’s only suitable for light traffic. Each line is made with such a high level pride that shines through in every piece. Cali Bamboo provides solid warranties on both of their lines. This ensures that your flooring will have more longevity while working to resist scratches and scuffs. We also want to discuss a couple of brands that you’d do well to avoid. ZEP High-Traffic Floor Polish gives you a professional grade floor finish for vinyl and other hard floor surfaces. Sandra is certified with Speak Easy and Dale Carnegie and a member of IIDA, ASHE/AHA, RFCI, and NEWH. The tile is typically used in commercial settings. This means that at no cost to you, we may earn a small commission for qualifying purchases. It just isn’t something that’s very common, as most brands offer 15 years. But when you see that some planks go as high as $2.70, it’s clear you’re overpaying. It’s pretty pricey compared to the previous two lines. Similar to Vivero Good, this is way too thin to expect any kind of longevity. In the right setting, this might be a decent fit. Shaw uses polyurethane wear that is crafted with ceramic, giving you protection like no other. If you’re needing to redo flooring on the cheap, this is the brand you want to go with. Cali Bamboo equips all of their flooring with cork padding. This easy-to-install product is also a great project for the weekend warrior. AC1 is suited for bedrooms, and low traffic residential areas, but is not recommended for commercial use. Vinyl flooring comes in a wide array of different colors and textures, all at a price point that works within most budgets. This ultimately depends on what you choose. For residential use, you’re getting 50 years of coverage. The first step is to review your floor plan and identify common use areas and where furniture and equipment will be placed. While COREtec might not be the most popular brand, they are quickly gaining steam thanks to high-quality flooring and excellent craftsmanship. You’re not going to be out any great expenses, and your buyers will be pleased with the quality. Moving into a role as Senior Director of commercial LVT product development and sourcing, working directly for the SVP of Commercial Hardsurface. Prices only go as high as $4 a square foot, so you’re really getting a great bargain considering the quality of this flooring. Vinyl Flooring. Low-end vinyl will have a 10 mm wear layer while quality commercial vinyl flooring will have a layer that ranges from 20-30mm. If you’re looking for solid flooring for your business, you want only the best. Floors this resilient means you likely won’t have to replace them in your lifetime. Note that we have expanded our highest review score to 10 in order to better accommodate the many aspects that go into vinyl plank flooring. ; AC2 is suited to higher traffic residential areas such as living rooms and dining rooms, but it is not suited for commercial use. Our goal is to help you buy only the best flooring for your home or office. But for a top-seller like Armstrong, we expect to see better out of them. Unlike carpet, which in busy spaces can be matted, crushed and stained, vinyl can handle an onslaught of heavy traffic and use. You can get many for less than a dollar a square foot. You get a lifetime warranty for residential use, while the commercial warranty is 15 years. Options range from 6-15mm and where the floor sees a lot of feet you’ll do better with 12mm or 15mm laminate flooring. Consider these busy areas within the hospitality industry: Students at colleges and universities are always on the move — meaning many of the facilities and buildings experience extremely heavy foot traffic. When selecting restaurant flooring, remember that there are other places that handle heavy foot traffic in addition to entrances, exits and pathways to seating. This thick flooring is soft and is available with wear of either 8 or 12 mils. Vinyl plank flooring is also proving to be a popular DIY flooring option as installation is even quicker and easier than other forms such as laying Vinyl tiles. Finley is also easy to clean and maintain. High traffic areas of the house are tough to find the right flooring option for, but any of the aforementioned will look great and stand up to foot traffic for many, many years. We offer an elegant selection of luxurious vinyl plank flooring with … Failure to use the right flooring in high traffic areas can lead to many issues — namely, the time and costs related to maintenance, repair and replacement. You’ll save a load of money in the long run, and the flooring is more than acceptable. If you decide to go with glue-down flooring, Mohawk offers either 15 or 25 years of coverage for residential se. Pets are a part of your family and you want them to be as comfortable living in your home as you are. And although Cali Bamboo has been in operation for over 15 years, they only recently began manufacturing LVP flooring. Vinyl is waterproof, which makes it perfect for kitchens or other high-traffic areas such as a living room or den. A: It’s important to remain cognizant of the type of foot traffic in the area and using pattern and texture to assist with reducing the appearance of traffic patterns as well as masks visible signs of dirt, spots, or scuffs until routine maintenance. Although it features a wood and plastic core, They have made it even stronger by adding limestone to it. CushionStep™ Good. When you factor in cork underlayment, low VOCs, and a waterproof core, it’s clear that NuCore delivers a worthy contender. Offered in tile, plank, and sheet formats, vinyl flooring boasts realistic visuals, easy installation, and a high level of comfort. If you’re in the market for luxury vinyl flooring, the Plus HD will blow you away with its beauty and durability. This is the type of flooring you want if you’re a landlord and need to do some quick remodeling. We name which brand’s line of flooring is the best, too. When it comes to flooring, vinyl plank is one of the best options for both you and your furry friends. But UniClic floating flooring offers warranties that range anywhere from 15 years to lifetime for residential use. While it’s true that you’re going to pay quite a bit more for Shaw Floorté Plus, it is hands-down the best flooring for durability. For residential use, you’re looking at a paltry 15 years. LVT has proven to be durable enough for high-traffic hospital common areas and … Other high traffic areas to consider include: Project: Democracy Brewing | Design: Embarc Studio | Photo: © 2018 A: LVT was designed to be a low maintenance product for commercial spaces. The Floorté Plus Titanic HD has a 30-mil wear layer and is backed with a 20-year commercial warranty in addition to the lifetime residential warranty. Let’s dig a little deeper to see why Shaw earned our top spot. Felt-Backed and Stone-Backed Vinyl Flooring. This is why it’s such a popular choice among businesses with high volume. If you want something a bit more durable, check out Cali Vinyl Pro. And with pricing that starts at $1.70 a square foot, you don’t have to pay a fortune for beautiful, unique flooring. By partnering with Floor & Décor and selling their line exclusively through them, NuCore is able to provide this premium vinyl flooring at an unbeatable price. If you’re turning an attic into a guest bedroom or fixing up the guest bathroom, you go with Home Decorators Collection. It all comes down to the finish. LVT comes in a variety of thicknesses and wear layers, ensuring superior durability for commercial interiors. Apart from being durable against scratches, dents, and stains, laminate flooring is also simple to clean. Floating: Your Top Installation Choices for Luxury Vinyl Flooring, A Guide for Cleaning and Maintaining LVT [COVID-19 Approved], 9 Flooring Design Ideas For Your Client’s Office Remodel, Introducing Avara – Our Latest Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Wall Collection, Introducing Storri: A New Luxury Vinyl Flooring Design Inspired by Untold Narratives, 5 Benefits of High Traffic Commercial Flooring, Areas leading in and out of every building or residential hall on campus, Waiting room of admissions offices and health centers, Area directly in front of an information booth or kiosk. Vinyl’s elasticity and cushioning amplifies its durability and helps it resist rips and tears. It’s a win-win for everybody. And as the only brand here to offer 30-mil wear, you know you’re getting something special. Commercial flooring built for high traffic applications. Vinyl This type of flooring is especially good at fending off wear, dents, scratches, discoloration from sunlight, and stains. For this, you want Armstrong’s Vivero Best. If you’re looking to save a buck or two, check out COREtec One. Sandra also has worked with Karndean to develop new LVT product lines and unique patterns with designers. A big plus is that each and every piece of flooring comes equipped with 22-mil wear. They generally uses either 1.5- or 3-millimeter padding, depending on the line. If a large family were to install this, they would likely be sorely disappointed by the outcome. Benefits of high traffic LVT include: Q: What thickness and wear layer should I use in my commercial space? At home, high-traffic areas include foyers, entryways and main hallways. And if using their flooring in a commercial setting, it comes with a 15-year warranty. A standard matte gloss level gives you the most natural appearance while reducing glare. In the home, vinyl tile flooring is often used where a … We talked about how Shaw uses ceramic in their wear layering. That’s pretty impressive. The durable construction of Excelon VCT ensures lasting beauty in high-traffic areas, while flowing linear patterns, organic looks, and densely patterned earth tones effectively mask scuffs and soil in busy commercial spaces. But when it comes to vinyl flooring, you often get what you pay for. It’s a bit pricier compared to Vivero Best. This WPC flooring is completely waterproof, making Pro a great choice for basements and high-flood areas.